Moffitt Art Studio
About the Artists

Dave and Sherrie Moffitt

Dave is
 years old and is a retired firefighter from a volunteer and a paid department. He was a paramedic for 22 years and still maintains his EMT certification. His medium is acrylic and he enjoys painting wildlife which comes from his love of the outdoors. He strives for realism in his paintings, believing that it is hard to improve on what God has created.

Sherrie was born and raised in northwest Arkansas. As a young girl she developed an interest in drawing and later took art classes in high school. She did not seriously pursue art until her children were grown. After trying several different mediums, she settled on oils because of the richness of the colors and the ability to blend more easily. She believes that art has given her a constantly renewed appreciation of the wonderful gifts that God has given us to enjoy.

The works of the Lord are great...
He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered...         Psalms 111: 2 & 4